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Vintage Railroad Audio is permanently closed down. The extensive VRA train sound library has been transferred to the custody of Kenneth Gear. He will be offering copies of train sound files via downloads sometime in the near future. Please contact him at gearken@yahoo.com for information and any questions or orders. Please take note that this website will be taken down in early March 2023. Thank You.

Welcome to my vintage railroad audio website. This is the general information page where you can locate, review and order our audio CD programs of railroad sound recorded over the last 5 decades. There are currently over 200 one hour programs and they are arranged in 5 categories for ease when searching for your favorite topic. These categories may, by necessity, occasionally overlap. They are:
  • Steam Power: This category covers steam power, from 1950's "in service" sound to more contemporary "Fantrip" operations.
  • Diesel & Electric Power: This category covers diesel power from early first generation units to today's modern behemoths, and includes straight electrics.
  • Specific Railroad: This category covers programs that are arranged by specific railroad. They will often cover both steam and diesel sound from that railroad.
  • Specific Location: This category covers programs that are arranged by specific location and will cover all eras and railroads at that location.
  • Miscellaneous: This is the category that catches the few programs that do not fit easily into one or more of the other categories. i.e.: railroad turbines, radio communications etc.

About The Programs
  • These Railroad Audio CD Programs have been produced using original recordings of actual railroad sounds from the 1950's through the present day, and have been recorded on-site in real time, generally using the state of the art equipment of the era. Each Audio CD Program is approximately 60 minutes in length unless noted otherwise. Much of the sound is in stereo and the rest is at least two track.
  • You will be able to listen to sounds of the distant past, like the dinosaurs, many are extinct. "Gone forever"!! There are ALCOs, EMDs, GEs, BLWs and FMs… starting up, idling, pulling hard, runbys and of course switching. Not to mention many "fallen flag" railroads and some extremely rare mainline steam action from the 1950's including D&H, ERIE, B&O, CB&Q, N&W, READING, NKP, WM, DM&IR, D&RGW ng, EBT, FEC and Canadian.
  • With each order we provide a listing of all currently available titles. Catalog numbers that are not on this listing have been discontinued and are no longer available.
  • We plan to continue development and release of new programs utilizing our extensive library of sound as time permits.
  • Each Audio CD comes complete with an insert containing a brief description of the content of each track.
  • These programs are recorded on standard CD-R discs and should be playable on most current equipment and personal computers.

Special Notes
  • Although an effort was made to assure that CD tracks are not repeated from program to program, there are often occasions where this is necessary. For example, when compiling a CD on a specific locomotive (ie: U-Boats, E or F Units) or programs dwelling on specific locations, it is incumbent on us to gather all the sound bites or segments available to make the CD program as complete and comprehensive as possible. This generally means that some of the tracks will be from other programs in the catalog. This is our way of providing the sounds in different "packages" to meet the customer expectations. In this manner, the fan of a specific locomotive type or location won't have to purchase a dozen CDs in order to get all the sounds available on his or her favorite topic.
  • Any program with the word "Classic" in its title, is a program that has generally not been recorded by us, but has been acquired from both open-reel and cassette tapes collected over the last forty years from private estates, other railfans and former railroad employees. As a result, we cannot always be completely sure of the exact heritage of some of these sounds. We have made a serious effort however to exclude those sounds that we know for a fact or suspect have come from early commercial sources. In cases where such discrepancies have slipped through and are discovered and verified, the program is immediately discontinued or revised.
  • A note about certain descriptions: When the sound is described as "Classic" (not recorded by us), We simply provide the descriptions that accompanied the original works and are not inclined to defend or debate the accuracy of this information. We simply conserve, edit and produce this sound for posterity.